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First Thoughts

It was so odd
The way we came about
The way we locked out horns
We fell apart and glued
our hearts together
It was so fun
The way you laughed at me
'cos everything I said
It always came out wrong

And we fell asleep
'cus there's nothing
else left to do
And I couldn't keep what's inside
I had to show you

I was a lostboy that was found
Drowning underwater
Smothered by the pressure
I was a lost toy now I'm found
You patched me back together
Sewing up the leather on my arms

On my arms

It was you and only me
It was so hard. To
see you shivering
To see you frosting up
O we locked our arms
and shard the warmth
It was so dark
But you just shrugged it off
You turned to me and
said thank god we're
going home

And we fell asleep
'cus there's nowhere else to go
And I couldn't keep what's inside
I had to let you know

It was you and only me

Could you Suffer Waiting Longer Lonely For me
We could make our way
though the mire
18.11.09 19:10


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